Data Compliance Policy

Last updated March 20, 2023

Structure is careful to comply with data privacy regulations including GDPR and CCPA which both include important privacy rights and regulations. We take it one step further and extend these rights to every person worldwide.

We process only data that is within our legitimate interest to conduct business.

  1. Our business data collection solely processes company information that is in the public domain.We primarily collect company data from company websites, Google Maps, LinkedIn, public WHOIS records and stock exchange information.
  2. Our personal data collection solely processes information from people having a profile on LinkedIn who in addition opted-in to have their data distributed to 3rd parties and search engines. We do not process any sensitive private information such as "health", personal finances, "sexual orientation", "political" or "religious" views Our data collection and processing only accesses such "public profiles" similar to how Google or Bing collect the same information.

Essential personal privacy rights

  1. Right of access: Any person has the "right to access" their personal data we process.
  2. Right of erasure: Any person has the "right to be forgotten"
  3. Right to stop processing: Any person has the "right to restrict processing of their data"

What Structure does to ensure being compliant

  1. When an account holder of a LinkedIn profile changes their privacy configuration our data collection respects such changes
  2. We refrain from using any unethical “data scraping" methods including but not limited to "residential proxies" or the use of "fake accounts"
  3. Our technology is developed to not have the capability of accessing personal information that has not been configured to be public and open to 3rd parties. This is very similar to Alphabet’s “Googlebot” or Microsoft’s “Bingbot” and ”Msnbot”.
  4. When a LinkedIn profile becomes publicly inaccessible due to privacy changes or is deleted we automatically initiate a data removal process.
  5. We respect the rights of each person to object against our processing of their personal information and permanently remove their data upon request.

Due to this our data collection is GDPR and CCPA compliant. We also offer to have locations removed and fields censored or cryptographically hashed.

In the current absence of a global regulation dictating the proper handling of personal data, it falls upon each customer to ensure they are fulfilling their obligations toward the safe management of personal data.

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