Data Enrichment

Collect and retrieve unique attributes from our Company API

Scalable on demand
Our platform grows with your company. Scale up as slowly or quickly as you need.
30 distinct attributes
Uncover funding, size, investors, industries, locations and more as part of the standard company information lookup.
Fresh Data
Ensure that the data you collect is current. We periodically refresh the profiles in our database to provide you the most current and up to date information.
{ "details": { "name": "Amazon", "universal_name": "amazon", "company_id": "1586", "description": "Amazon is guided by four principles: customer obsession rather than competitor focus, passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence, and long-term thinking. We are driven by the excitement of building technologies, inventing products, and providing services that change lives. We embrace new ways of doing things, make decisions quickly, and are not afraid to fail. We have the scope and capabilities of a large company, and the spirit and heart of a small one.\\n\\nTogether, Amazonians research and develop new technologies from Amazon Web Services to Alexa on behalf of our customers: shoppers, sellers, content creators, and developers around the world.\\n\\nOur mission is to be Earth's most customer-centric company. Our actions, goals, projects, programs, and inventions begin and end with the customer top of mind.\\n\\nYou'll also hear us say that at Amazon, it's always \"Day 1.\"​ What do we mean? That our approach remains the same as it was on Amazon's very first day - to make smart, fast decisions, stay nimble, invent, and focus on delighting our customers.", "tagline": null, "founded": null, "phone": null, "type": "Public Company", "staff": { "range": { "start": 10001 }, "total": 812743 }, "followers": 29706747, "call_to_action": { "url": "", "text": "Visit website" }, "locations": { "headquarter": { "country": "US", "geographicArea": "WA", "city": "Seattle", "postalCode": "98109", "line1": "2127 7th Ave." }, "other": [ { "country": "US", "geographicArea": "WA", "city": "Seattle", "postalCode": "98109", "streetAddressOptOut": false, "headquarter": true, "line1": "2127 7th Ave." }, { "country": "US", "geographicArea": "VA", "city": "Herndon", "postalCode": "20170", "streetAddressOptOut": false, "headquarter": false, "line1": "12900 Worldgate Dr" }, { "country": "US", "geographicArea": "TN", "city": "Chattanooga", "postalCode": "37416", "streetAddressOptOut": false, "headquarter": false, "line1": "7200 Discovery Dr" }, { "country": "US", "geographicArea": "CA", "city": "Sunnyvale", "postalCode": "94089", "streetAddressOptOut": false, "headquarter": false, "line1": "1100 Enterprise Way" }, { "country": "US", "geographicArea": "MD", "city": "Baltimore", "postalCode": "21224", "streetAddressOptOut": false, "headquarter": false, "line1": "2010 Broening Hwy" }, { "country": "TR", "geographicArea": "Istanbul", "city": "Istanbul", "postalCode": "34394", "streetAddressOptOut": false, "headquarter": false, "line1": "Buyukdere Caddesi 185" }, { "country": "ES", "geographicArea": "Community of Madrid", "city": "Pozuelo de Alarcon", "postalCode": "28224", "streetAddressOptOut": false, "headquarter": false, "line1": "Via de las Dos Castillas, 33" }, { "country": "DE", "geographicArea": "Bavaria", "city": "Regensburg", "postalCode": "93059", "streetAddressOptOut": false, "headquarter": false, "line1": "Im Gewerbepark" }, { "country": "AU", "geographicArea": "VIC", "city": "Melbourne", "postalCode": "3000", "streetAddressOptOut": false, "headquarter": false, "line1": "8 Exhibition St" }, { "country": "US", "geographicArea": "PA", "city": "Breinigsville", "postalCode": "18031", "streetAddressOptOut": false, "headquarter": false, "line1": "705 Boulder Dr" }, { "country": "US", "geographicArea": "TX", "city": "Irving", "postalCode": "75063", "streetAddressOptOut": false, "headquarter": false, "line1": "2700 Regent Blvd" }, { "country": "US", "geographicArea": "WV", "city": "Huntington", "postalCode": "25701", "streetAddressOptOut": false, "headquarter": false, "line1": "500 Kinetic Dr" }, { "country": "US", "geographicArea": "IL", "city": "Romeoville", "postalCode": "60446", "streetAddressOptOut": false, "headquarter": false, "line1": "1125 Remington Blvd" }, { "streetAddressOptOut": false, "country": "IE", "geographicArea": "County Dublin", "city": "Dublin", "headquarter": false, "line1": "Burlington Road" }, { "country": "CA", "geographicArea": "BC", "city": "New Westminster", "postalCode": "V3L 5H4", "streetAddressOptOut": false, "headquarter": false, "line1": "109 Braid St" }, { "country": "ZA", "geographicArea": "Western Cape", "city": "Cape Town", "postalCode": "8001", "streetAddressOptOut": false, "headquarter": false, "line1": "Solan Rd" }, { "country": "US", "geographicArea": "WA", "city": "Dupont", "postalCode": "98327", "streetAddressOptOut": false, "headquarter": false, "line1": "2700 Center Dr" }, { "country": "US", "geographicArea": "NV", "city": "Reno", "postalCode": "89506", "streetAddressOptOut": false, "headquarter": false, "line1": "8000 N Virginia St" }, { "country": "US", "geographicArea": "TX", "city": "San Antonio", "postalCode": "78217", "streetAddressOptOut": false, "headquarter": false, "line1": "4848 Perrin Creek" }, { "country": "US", "geographicArea": "CA", "city": "Tracy", "postalCode": "95304", "streetAddressOptOut": false, "headquarter": false, "line1": "1555 N Chrisman Rd" },

Stay Compliant

United States and European Union

Develop your own unique dataset for sales, marketing and product development while maintaining strict legal compliance to current standards.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a state statute intended to enhance privacy rights and consumer protection for residents of California, United States.
The General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679, "GDPR") is a Regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA)
SOC II (In Progress)
System and Organization Controls (SOC), (also sometimes referred to as service organizations controls) as defined by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), is the name of a suite of reports produced during an audit.
ISO 27001 (In Progress)
ISO/IEC 27001 is an international standard to manage information security. The standard was originally published jointly by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in 2005, revised in 2013, and again most recently in 2022.

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Structure provides the data backbone to the global online economy.

We collect and catalog the attributes and characteristics that enable the world's largest companies to make informed decisions about their current customers, prospects and the market to stay ahead of the pack.

Data enrichment is essential to competing in the global online marketplace

We allow companies to capture a massive return on their investment in data-based decision making and solutions based on company and personal attributes.


of globale companies

have altered longer-term strategies in response to changes brought about by data and analytics (McKinsey, 2018).

$1.8 Trillion

Revenue that insights-driven companies will take from less-informed competitors by 2021 (Forrester, 2018).


of business and enterprise analytics professionals

say data and analytics are critical to their organization’s digital transformation programs (MicroStrategy, 2020)

Helping build products across industries

Our person and company data enables companies to develop products across a wide range of industries, domains and applications.

  • Role
    Advertising & Marketing
    Develop target prospects, understand audiences and deploy your marketing through the use of social media targeting and other channel-based advertising and marketing.
  • Role
    Get extra information and insights about prospects, companies and leads through the use of innovative APIs, integration and other no-code tools.
  • Role
    Human Resources
    Collect extra information on candidates, employees and other people to enhance the understanding of human capital within an organization.
  • Role
    Use data to drive investment decisions, detect fraudulent identities, and examine your target marketplace with our enhanced people and company profiles.
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